Limna - Lausanne Integrative Metabolism Nutrition Alliance



The 7th LIMNA symposium was held on Tuesday April, 4th 2017 at the CHUV, Auditorium César Roux.

This symposium was dedicated to students and post-docs, who presented their work either via posters or by short talks, after abstracts selection by the LIMNA organizing committee.

Organizers: Prof. J. Auwerx, Prof. Bart Deplancke, Prof. B. Desvergne, Prof. L. Fajas, Prof. F. Pralong, Prof. B. Thorens, Prof. K. Sakamoto, Prof. K. Schoonjans and Dr. L. Descamps.


Guest organizers: Isabelle Chareyron (NIHS), Caterina Collodet (NIHS), Mukul Girotra (Unil), Mary Gonzalez Melo (CHUV), Elena Katsyuba (EPFL), Darko Maric (Unil), Laia Martinez Carreres (Unil), Omid Mashinchian (NIHS), Erica Reggi (Unil), Tanja Sonntag (NIHS), Laura Steinbusch (Unil) and  Magda Zachara (EPFL).



Guests organizers (from the left to the right : Mukul, Laia, Mary, Caterina, Elena, Isabelle, Magda, Erica, Laura, Tanja, Omid, Darko).



- Prof. Etienne Meylan,  Swiss National Science Foundation Professor 
& Tenure-track Assistant Professor, School of Life Sciences, ISREC Institute, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.

“Glucose transporters in non-small cell lung cancer: regulation and function”

- Prof. Olaia Naveiras, School of Life Sciences, Institute of Bioengineering, Laboratory of Regenerative Hematopoiesis, EPFL and Department of Medicine and Oncology (Hematology), Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV), Lausanne, Switzerland.

“Bone Marrow Adiposity: an emerging tissue with metabolic and regulatory functions”


Cédric Gobet, PhD, in the laboratory of Frédéric Gachon (NIHS) co-directed with Prof. Felix Naef (EPFL), received the prize awarded by the LIMNA direction committee for is talk entitled: “Circadian and feeding rhythms differentially affect rhythmic mRNA translation in mouse liver”.

Ebru Aras, PhD, in the laboratory of Prof. Roberto Coppari (UNIGE) received the prize awarded by students and post-docs who attented the symposium for her talk: "SIRT1 in SF1 Neurons Links Light Inputs to Circadian Function in Gastrocnemius”.

Tamara Marik, a PhD student in the laboratory of Prof. Elena Dubikovskaya (EPFL), reveived the poster prize  awarded by the guest organizers for her poster: "Development of novel optical imaging probe for quantification of glucose uptake in cells and living animals".

Xavier Brenachot, a Post-doc in the laboratory of Prof. Roberto Coppari (UNIGE), received the prize awarded by the guest organizers for his poster: "Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Receptor Gamma is a target of NF-κB that negatively regulates insulin sensitivity".


From the left to the right: Tamara Maric, Cédric Gobet, Ebru Aras, Xavier Brenachot.

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