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Travel Grants

travel grants application form
General Conditions

Travel grants will only be allocated to students/postdocs within LIMNA network who will actively participate to the conference or workshop either via a poster or an oral presentation.

  •  Applicants cannot be awarded more than one travel grant during a period of 12 months.
  •  Candidates that accept a travel grant from other organization, are not eligible for LIMNA funding. LIMNA should be informed if the applicant has submitted or is going to submit an application to other organizations.
  •  The applicant can apply for the travel grant before knowing if his/her abstract is selected, but will inform LIMNA about the results of the selection outcome. Grants will not be allocated to non-­selected abstracts.
  •  The applicant should include LIMNA logo into their poster/ acknowledgement slide.
  • November 30th for the events of the first semester: January 1st – June 30th (answer in December)
  • May 31st for the events of the second semester: July 1st – December 31st (answer in June) 

Special Covid-19:

The current pandemic of Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19) is affecting many aspects of a researcher life at the moment: acces to the lab is restricted, there is now time to read all those papers that have piled up on our desks, to learn and teach ourselves new methods, to develop new ideas. Nevertheless, the most interesting conferences are either cancelled or moved to virtual settings, which implies renouncing to the great interactions and networking that LIMNA wishes to foster by the means of travel grants. Moreover, it is yet unclear if and how people will be able to travel and leave the country in the next months.

LIMNA Board of directors thus decided that next LIMNA travel grant calls (concerning conferences and meeting happening during second semester of 2020 and first semester of 2021) are reported. Stay tuned to check when next call will be open!

Applicant details

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> event location and date(s)
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Briefly describe your motivation for attendance to the event / Interest for your research.
Application to other travel grants

I will inform LIMNA immediately if I received grants from another organization and I have been informed that, in this case, the LIMNA grant will not be allocated to me.

Applicant declaration

I confirm that I have read, understood and agree with the conditions of LIMNA grants delivery.I declare that the grant will be used for the specific purposes for which it is granted, and that I will provide a certificate of attendance.

I declare that I will inform LIMNA immediately about the results of the abstract selection outcome, if these results are unknown at the moment of the application.

I confirm that I will include LIMNA logo into my poster/acknowledgement slide.