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Kamiar Aminian

Interinstitutional Center of Translational Biomechanics - Laboratory of Movement Analysis and Measurement - EPFL

Research in our group has three major focuses: 1) Design measurement and analysis systems using wearable technology for the biomechanics of movement; 2) Monitoring patients activity behaviour outside the laboratory and in various clinical settings, to gather clinically significant data and objective information on mobility impairment and movement disorders; 3) Designing assistive devices and original rehabilitation approaches using new technologies based on adapted physical activity, exercises and interventions that involve cognitive and sensorimotor capacities.

We are particularly interested in characterising daily lifestyle, exercise and sport by estimation of intensity, type, frequency, duration of activity and the pattern of movement. This allows us to characterise sedentary behaviour as well as low, moderate and vigorous physical activity and to have a better estimation of daily energy expenditure. Our wearable systems for lifestyle monitoring have been tested and validated in differing cohorts of healthy and diseased populations, such as patient with chronic pain, with orthopaedic disease, neurologic disorders and the aging population.


  • Life style monitoring
  • Energy expenditure
  • Wearable sensors
  • Movement analysis


Prof. Kamiar Aminian

Laboratory of Movement Analysis and Measurement

STI-IBI2-LMAM, ELH 132, Station 11

CH-1015 Lausanne



Tel. +41 21 693 26 17

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