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Matthias Lutolf

Institute of Bioengineering – Laboratory of Stem Cell Bioengineering – EPFL

We are interested in how stem cells take a decisions to either self-renew or differentiate. In this context, we are studying how signals from the complex microenvironment, or niche, regulate stem cell fate. More recently, we have become interested in how cellular metabolism and in particular mitochondria are involved in stem cell fate regulation.  We often address these questions by developing novel bioengineering tools, for example to biochemically and structurally deconstruct stem cell niches ('artificial niches') or to track live stem cells and their progeny at single cell level and in high-throughput.


  • Stem cells
  • Niches
  • Fate
  • Self-renewal
  • Differentiation
  • Mitochondria


Prof. Matthias Lutolf


Station 15
Bld. AI 1109
CH-1015 Lausanne

Tel.  +41 21 693 18 76
Fax +41 21 693 18 80
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