Limna - Lausanne Integrative Metabolism Nutrition Alliance


Monday 12th October 2015
12h15 - Department of Physiology, Bugnon 7, 1005 Lausanne - Seminar room, 6th floor.

Cell death and inflammation

Prof. Seamus MARTIN

Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory, Dept. of Genetics, Dublin 2, Ireland

Host: Prof. Christian Widmann


Cullen, SP, Henry CM, Kearney, CJ, Logue SE,  Feoktistova  M,  Tynan  GA,  Lavelle  EC,  Leverkus  M,  and Martin SJ (2013) Fas/CD95-­‐Induced Chemokines can Serve  as  ‘Find-­‐Me’  Signals  for  Apoptotic Cells.  Molecular Cell, 49, 1034–1048.

Afonina IS, Müller C, Martin SJ, Beyaert R. (2015) Proteolytic Processing of Interleukin-­‐1 Family Cytokines: Variations on a Common Theme. Immunity 42, 991-­1004.