Limna - Lausanne Integrative Metabolism Nutrition Alliance


Wednesday 3rd September 2014
Olympic Museum, Lausanne

Second LIMNA Symposium


Prof. Antonio Zorzano
University of Barcelona
Institute for Research in Biomedicine IRB, Barcelona

Prof. Arnaud Comment
Institute of Physics of Biological Systems, EPFL

Dr. Marc Claret
Instut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi I Sunyer (IDIBAPS)
Centre Esther Koplowitz (CEK), Barcelona

Prof. Benjamin Marsland
Service de Pneumologie, CHUV

Prof. Dietmar Zehn
Service d’immunologie et d’allergie – IAL

Dr. Marc Ibberson
Swiss Institute of Bioinfomatics
Vital-IT, UNIL

Dr. Hubert Vidal
Faculté de Médecine, Lyon



8h45       Laurence Descamps, LIMNA coordinator – Welcome

8h55       Institutional opening

Plenary session:
Chairman: Lluis Fajas

9h15       Antonio Zorzano
Role of mitochondrial fusion proteins on energ homeostasis

Morning session :

10h00     Arnaud Comment

                 Real‐time in vivo metabolic analyses

 10h30    coffee break

Chairman: Johan Auwerx

10h50     Marc Claret 
Role of the hypothalamic endoplasmic reticulum-
mitochondrial axis in the regulation of systemic energy

11h20     Benjamin Marsland
Implications of host-microbe interactions in chronic lung 

11h50     Isabel Christina Lopez Mejia
Participation of CDK4 in the regulation of mitochondrial
                metabolism and energy homeostasis

12h10     Lunch and Poster presentations

Afternoon session

Chairman: Bernard Thorens

14h30     Dietmar Zehn
                The metabolic status - an indicator of T cell function in
                chronic infections

15h00     Sveta Chakrabarti
The Drosophila MAPK p38c regulates oxidative stress and
                lipid homeostasis in the intestine

15h20     Peggy Janich
     Comprehensive identification of rhythmic protein      
                 synthesis using ribosome profiling in mouse liver

 15h40    Mark Ibberson
                 Studying the beta cell integrome from mouse to man

16h10     coffee break

Chairman: François Pralong

16h30     Hubert Vidal
                Adipose tissue and skeletal muscle adaptive mechanisms  
               to overfeeding in humans 

17h00    Nicola Vannini 
               Mitochondrial activity determines hematopoietic stem cell

17h20    Concluding remarks