Limna - Lausanne Integrative Metabolism Nutrition Alliance


Monday 17th March 2014
Casino de Montreux,Switzerland

1st Symposium of the Pôle Thématique de Recherche (PTR) Métabolisme-Nutrition-Vieillissement

09:00    Welcome –Lluis Fajas Coll 

09:15    AMP-activated protein kinase: regulating energy balance at
              the cellular and whole body levels 
              Prof. D. Graham Hardie - University of Dundee, Scotland, UK 

09:50    System Biology of Human Obesity 
              Prof. Philippe Froguel University Lille 2, FR 

10:25    Coffee break 

10:45    Mitonuclear protein balance as a determinant of health-
              and lifespan 
              Prof. Johan Auwerx - EPFL 

11:10    Nervous glucose sensing and the control of pancreatic
              islets mass and function 
              Prof. Bernard Thorens CIG, UNIL 

11:35    From bad to good: the need of fat in development and
              Prof. Beatrice Desvergne CIG, UNIL 

12:00    Fructose-induced metabolic syndrome: from animal models
              to human nutrition 
              Prof. Luc Tappy DP, UNIL 

12:25    LUNCH 

14:00    Cell cycle regulators are key effectors of energy
              Prof. Lluis Fajas Coll DP, UNIL 

14:25    FGF21 as a link between metabolism and reproduction    
              Prof. Nelly Pitteloud - CHUV 

14:50    RBM10: an alternative splicing regulator that sets the
              circadian period length in mice 
              Prof. David Gatfield CIG, UNIL

15:15    Resistance to diet-induced obesity and associated
              metabolic perturbations in haploinsufficient
              monocarboxylate transporter 1 mice 
              Prof. Luc Pellerin DP, UNIL 

15:30    Effect of physical fitness and training on skeletal muscle
              mitochondria in the elderly 
              Chiara Greggio, Post-doc – Lab. Dr Francesca Amati
              DP, UNIL 

15:45    Coffee Break 

16:00    IGF-2 as an autocrine regulator of beta-cell plasticity in
              insulin resistance and ageing 
              Honey Modi, PhD student - Lab Prof. Bernard Thorens

16:15    SIRT7 Regulates Mitochondrial Homeostasis via the
              deacetylation and activation of GABPβ1 
              Dr. Dongryeol Ryu - Lab. Prof. Johan Auwerx - EPFL 

16:30    Emerging Roles of Non-Coding RNAs in the Control of β-Cell
              Prof. Romano Regazzi – DNF, UNIL 

16:45    Diabetic nephropathy in a new mouse model of    
              Barbara Toffoli, Post-doc - Lab. Prof. Beatrice Desvergne

17:00    E2F1 -/- mice are protected to diabetes–induced liver
              Pierre-Damien Denechaud, Post-doc - Lab. Prof. Lluis Fajas
             Coll –

17:15   The caspase-3/p120 rasgap stress-sensing module controls
             stress regulated metabolism switch 
             Güliz Vanli, PhD student - Lab. Christian Widmann

17:30   NDNF as a novel gene underlying GnRH deficiency 
             Dr Sara Santini - Lab. Prof. Nelly Pitteloud - CHUV