Limna - Lausanne Integrative Metabolism Nutrition Alliance


NIHS official sponsor of LIMNA

We are glad to announce that the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS), supports LIMNA as official sponsor (More information).


Metabolic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, induce long-term complications that increase morbidity and mortality. The incidence of these pathologies increases in developed and developing world, but today there is no therapeutic approach available to prevent or treat these diseases effectively. The mechanisms underlying the development of these diseases are still not fully understood, but it is well established that they are progressive and multifactorial, involving, genetics, nutrition, physical activity and aging.


This sponsorship will contribute to the creation of  a pole of excellence for research and education on metabolism, nutrition and ageing and to support students and young scientists in their research projects. 


Kei Sakamoto, Head of Diabetes and Circadian Rhythms at NIHS, is now a guest member of LIMNA’s Direction Committee.

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