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J. Auwerx open positions information

For Master's Students enrolled in BioEng438 (Project in Translational Bioengineering: Project Proposals), we have two types of project depending on the student's interests. Both projects fall under the scope of Computational and Statistical Genetics with a mixture of benchwork and informatics/mathematics

1) Master's Semester Project: 16 hours/week 

This project will build off of previously-established research in the Auwerx/Schoonjans laboratory within the overall spectrum of metabolism. The semester project will focus primarily on computational techniques (informatic/statistical/genetic) as applied on massive datasets previously generated by the lab. The student following this project will be able to work on a range of pre-determined projects which have strong leads in the directions of glucose response, exercise capacity, blood pressure, dietary response, or similar. Although the student will be exposed to some wetlab biology techniques, the majority of the work will involve data analysis. As we envision for this project ~80% computational/statistical and only ~20% benchwork, the candidate should have a strong background and interest in one or more of the following areas: mathematics, statistics, or  genetics.

2) Master's Project: Full time (42 hours/week)

The full-time master's project will be a fully independent (though guided) research program within the Auwerx/Schoonjans lab, with even application between wetlab biology techniques/practices (e.g. RNA/protein extraction, qPCR) and computational techniques (e.g. microarray analysis, metabolomic, genome-wide association studies). The overarching project goal will be defined, but the specifics of the final project are entirely up to the student after an introductory period. The general plan is for an even mixture of informatics/statistics and benchwork, but the exact breakdown will be defined mutually between the student and laboratory leadership.


Researchers interested in a doctoral or post-doctoral position in the Auwerx-lab should send their inquiries directly to prof Auwerx (