Limna - Lausanne Integrative Metabolism Nutrition Alliance


Monday 8th October 2018
14h00 - EPFL, SV Building, Room SV 1717

Cellomics of mitochondrial morphofunction

Dr. Werner Koopman

Radboud Centre of Mitochondrial Medicine, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Host: Christopher Wall (NIHS)


Mitochondria play a central role in cellular (patho)physiology and display a highly variable morphology that is probably coupled to their functional state. Our research aims to quantitatively understand the molecular connection between mitochondrial metabolism and (ultra)structure with particular attention to redox and energy homeostasis. In primary fibroblasts from Leigh Syndrome (LS) patients, isolated CI deficiency is associated with mitochondrial morphological and functional changes and increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels. We developed a high-content (“cellomics”) strategy allowing unbiased and automated quantification of mitochondrial “morphofunction” (i.e. morphology and membrane potential), cellular parameters (size, confluence) and nuclear parameters (number, morphology) in intact living Primary Human Skin Fibroblasts. Cells are cultured in 96-well plates and stained with tetramethyl rhodamine methyl ester (TMRM), Calcein-AM and Hoechst 33258. Next, multispectral fluorescence images are acquired using automated microscopy and processed to extract 44 descriptors. Subsequently, the descriptor data is subjected to a quality control (QC) algorithm based upon Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and interpreted using univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysis. Using a machine learning strategy, we discriminated between fibroblasts of a healthy individual and an LS patient based upon their mitochondrial morpho-functional phenotype. This allowed evaluating the therapeutic potential of newly developed small-molecules.

Selected publications:

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