Limna - Lausanne Integrative Metabolism Nutrition Alliance


Thursday 17th December 2015
11h00 - Physiology Department - Rue du Bugnon 7, Lausanne - Seminar Room 6th floor

Role of Activating transcription factor 3 in mouse skeletal muscle after exercise

Aline Vanwynsberghe

PhD Candidate

Host: Prof. Christian Widmann

Activating transcription factor 3 (ATF3) belongs to the ATF/CREB family of  transcription  factors. Various stimuli induce ATF3 expression in different cell types.  Some  of  those  stimuli  are  present during exercise. As a transcription factor, ATF3 regulates several genes in numerous tissues. However, the ATF3 role in skeletal muscle remains unknown. The purposes were: (1) to describe the skeletal muscle phenotype of ATF3-­knockout (KO) mice at rest; (2) to determine the kinetic of ATF3 induction after exercise: (3) to elucidate genes regulated by exercise-­‐induced ATF3. At rest, there were no differences between ATF3-­KO and CON in the expression of metabolic proteins and enzymatic activity. ATF3 mRNA and protein levels peaked 1 and 3h after exercise, respectively.  The  ATF3  deletion affected the inflammatory response to exercise, particularly by upregulating  the  expression  of chemokines, Ccl2 and Ccl6 for example. ATF3 might affect the monocytes/macrophages infiltration.