Limna - Lausanne Integrative Metabolism Nutrition Alliance


Tuesday 8th December 2015
9h00 - Department of Physiology, Bugnon 7, 1005 Lausanne - Seminar room, 6th floor

From Research to Pill - in vitro test of topoisomerase I inhibitor & new methods of drug formulation analysis

Dawid Lejnowski

 PhD candidate

Host: Prof. Christian Widmann

The discovery of a new drug is a long and expensive process. The procedure for introducing a compound for the treatment starts from preclinical tests and ends with the production of the finished dosage form. One of the sources of new potential drugs are seconday metabolites from plants. One of them is Irinotecan, Captotecin derivative which is an inhibitor of type I topoisomerase. Proven is its high activity against colon carcinoma as being evaluated for applications to other cancers, and combination with other drugs. The last step before the introduction of the drug on the market is to create an appropriate form of of the drug. One of the latest forms of drug testing methods (including anticancer) is the use of near­‐infrared spectroscopy and artificial neural networks. The seminar will present the study of irinotecan as a drug for pancreatic cancer (cell line MiaPaCa-­2) and to compare the activity of bevacizumab antibody (mAb). Moreover will be presented research of formulation of the finished medicinal product with using artificial neural networks and near­‐infrared spectroscopy.