Limna - Lausanne Integrative Metabolism Nutrition Alliance


Wednesday 16th December 2015
SwissTech Convention Center - Quartier Nord de l'EPFL - Route Louis-Favre 2 - 1024 Ecublens

Journée scientifique G2L2

The G2L2 Association is pleased to invite you to a meeting with the aim of promoting privileged partnerships and active collaborations among fundamental research teams and clinicians from the universities and hospital centers of Lyon, Grenoble, Geneva and Lausanne.

Keynote speakers 

  • Prof. Charna Dibner  -  Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Geneva 

Roles of the circadian clock in α- and β-cell transcriptome and hormone secretion in mouse and human pancreatic islet

  • Prof. Karine Gauthier  -  Functional Genomics of Nuclear Receptors, ENS of Lyon

TRα protects against atherosclerosis in male mice: identification of a novel anti-inflammatory property for TRa.

  • Prof. Christophe Moinard   -    Univerity of Grenoble-Alpes

Citrulline:from biomarker to therapy

  • Dr. Amati Francesca  -  Department of physiology, University of Lausanne

Skeletal muscle in aging​

Students and Scientists are invited to register here and submit their abstracts 

Registration Deadline (Registration is free)

*Abstract for presentations and poster             Monday 1st June       

Participation                                                             Friday 5thJune

*Please send your abstract to


Organizing commitee member

Prof. Serge Bottari, Prof. Nadia Cherradi, Prof. Charna Dibner, Prof. Lluis Fajas, Prof. Michelangelo Foti, Dr. Valérie Large, Prof. Etienne Lefai, Prof. François Pralong, Dr. Michel Rossier, Prof. Jean-Marc Vanacker, Prof. Huber Vidal