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Nelly Pitteloud


Short CV

Professor Pitteloud is a translational researcher focused on the neuroendocrine and gonadal control of human reproduction, GnRH neuron ontogeny, and the links between metabolism and reproduction. She spent 12 years in the United States conducting clinical research studies at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School and is internationally recognized for her expertise in the genetics of human reproduction. 

Her investigative approach is collaborative and multidisciplinary, spanning the fields of human genetics, molecular biology, and crystallography. Professor Pitteloud’s work delineating the molecular basis and phenotypic spectrum of GnRH deficiency has been published in leading scientific journals and has changed the field in several important ways :

  • demonstrating reversibility of congenital GnRH deficiency, a condition previously considered to be lifelong

  • introducing and expanding the concept of oligogenic causes of GnRH deficiency

  • identifying FGF8, a novel ligand in the FGF signaling pathway underlying GnRH deficiency, opening several new avenues of investigation

  • discovering a genetic basis for hypothalamic amenorrhea, a form of infertility previously thought to be caused only by environmental stressors


Prof. Nelly Pitteloud
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